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Portfolio Development 

Developing Impact

In 2016, under the guidance of Weave Impact, UJIA, UK's largest Israel based charity, became the first charity organization in Israel to set up an impact investing fund from its programmatic capital. 

The fund, called Si3 (Social Impact Investing Israel) had three main goals:

1.    Continue to support its social mission in Israel of Education, Employment and Community Development.

This was achieved by investing in over 20 organizations promoting this goal. 

2.    Create an evergreen fund where capital will be recycled into new investments. 

In the 7 years of existence, Si3 has managed to recycle 30% of capital into new investments. Investments are a mix of debt and equity and span asset classes, including career bonds, bridge and business loans, loan funds and real estate.

3.    Engage a new generation of donors and supporters of UJIA. 

Si3 has set up two dedicated committees, the advisors, which is comprised of talented young professionals who work hand in hand in advising the Investment Committee, who are ultimately responsible for decision making. Each committee is filled with new supporters to the charity and have high engagement rates. 
Weave Impact is proud to continue achieving goals and new targets with Si3 as the portfolio continues to expand and diversify. 



Coaching and Guidance

Promoting Impact

Weave Impact works hand in hand with multifamily office Goldrock Capital as its impact arm. 


Our goal for this partnership was threefold:

1. Introduce HNWF and HNWI to the concept of investing with social intention:

This was achieved by hosting a variety of educational sessions, be it through conferences, podcast appearences or one-on-one meetings. We wanted families to think about the potential of aligning their capital with their values and the use of their capital to promote positive social change. 


2. Personal coaching sessions:


For families interested in learning more, a tailor made personal coaching syllubus is developed according to the needs of each client. In many instances the process of impact investing involves helping to bring the second and third generation wealth holders into the decision-making process.


3. Facilitating impact-first investments:


Weave Impact works with families that have decided to make impact first investments, working with the family office in creating a social due-diligence, and deal terms appropriate for such deals. 

Wealth holders have a unique ability to use their capital to drive positive social change and Weave Impact is proud to be part of helping shape that change for families. 


Model Development 

Building Impact

Weave Impact was approached to help develop a  model with the primary objective of breaking the cycle of homelessness among women exiting the world of prostitution. Recognizing the critical need for stability in this transition, the fund leverages a Housing First approach. This strategy prioritizes providing secure and permanent housing as the initial step, acknowledging that a stable living environment is essential for individuals to address other challenges effectively. Weave Impact focused on developing a solution to provide the housing element of the model in a sustainable and scalable way.

 Following extensive global research, Weave Impact, together with its partners built a model that answered the three main goals:

1.     Developing a Sustainable Housing Solution:

Through a combination of loan capital, grants, and government funding, the fund has been able to acquire apartments to the unique needs of this demographic. These apartments, under the ownership of a social purpose organization, are rented out as long-term rentals, and receive market rate rent, which ensure that the women will not be kicked out of heir homes by unfair landlords and that the investors will be able to receive return on investments. Apartments are carefully selected in areas which will allow for capital appreciation on the assets. 

2. Demonstrating the Power of Public-Private Partnerships:

At the core of the model’s success is a powerful partnership between the private sector, government entities, and non-profit organizations. Private investors bring not only financial resources but also expertise in real estate, while the government's involvement ensures a broader impact and sustainable scalability. The fund has forged a unique collaboration, blending the efficiency and innovation of the private sector with the reach and social responsibility of the nonprofit and public sector.

This collaboration has not only ensured the success of the initiative but has also set a precedent for future endeavors in social welfare. The shared vision and collective efforts of these diverse stakeholders demonstrate the potential for creating impactful solutions that go beyond the limitations of any single sector. 

Goal 3. Creating a Social Housing Market in Israel:

One of the long-term goals of the Housing Model is to contribute to the creation of a social housing market in Israel. By pioneering this approach, the fund aims to establish a model that can be replicated and adapted to address various housing challenges across the nation. The success of the initiative is not only measured by the number of women it shelters but also by its impact on broader housing policies.



Weave Impact is based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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